10 years old Father is the kind of silent man, unless he drinks. She remembered that she had hated her father since she was 10 years old. That year, her father drank too much wine and beat her mother severely. She and her brother watched at the same time. Their hearts were full of hatred, to every pore of their bodies. Father in the village, is the director of the village committee, in the eyes of ordinary people, big and small is also an official. But in her eyes, she did not. She read a lot of books and knew that there were leaders at a higher level and officials much older than her father. Therefore, she could not see her father's behavior in the village. If someone else did something small, he would put on airs and say, "ah, this is a matter of principle, this is a matter of party spirit.". She wrote in her diary: "my father is a village committee director who doesn't know anything. I hate him.". My father is drunk. Whenever there is something big or small in the village, they always ask my father to help. He is more enthusiastic about such things. After drinking, the father often sits with the villagers, red eyes and guessing. She can't understand it, but one thing she knows, it's a very annoying activity. Father also invited leaders of all sizes to eat at home, and mother was busy in the field. She didn't like those people. She felt that they were coming to destroy her life, making her unable to write homework or read books. She thought that when she grew up, she would never be like a father.